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PCT Director’s Letter

• News

. Modernist Etudes Matthew Isaac Cohen
. Manipulated, Emma Leishman
. To Be Or Not To Be: A Material Nigel Luck
. Ephemeral Animation Tamsin Newlands
. Puppetry in the UK  Dorothy Max Prior
From The Frontline:
Big Man Walking
Simon Hart

Suspense London Puppetry Festival 2009
. London 2010 International Mime Festival
. Other reviews
Book Review

Dorothy Max Prior

John Ellingsworth
News Editor/Subeditor

Editorial group:
Penny Francis Contributing Editor/ PCT Board Representative
Matthew Isaac Cohen Contributing Editor
Linda Lewis
PCT Director
Emma Leishman
PCT Administrator
Beccy Smith
Darren East

Gabriel Foster Prior

The views expressed or opinions stated in Animations Online are those of the writers and not necessarily those of the publisher, Puppet Centre Trust. Reasonable care has been taken to ensure that information is correct, but no liability will be accepted for any errors which may occur.

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Animations is a quarterly online magazine run by the Puppet Centre Trust. It is a voice for contemporary puppetry and related arts, offering discussion and debate, reviews, and news from the puppet community and elsewhere – an essential read for anyone interested in puppetry in all its diverse manifestations. Animations Online aims to represent the full spectrum of professional practice, from traditional puppetry to experimental visual theatre using puppetry or animation.

for this edition are many and various: in Modernist Etudes, Matthew Isaac Cohen reflects on puppetry scripts. In Manipulated, Emma Leishman reports from Manipulate 2010. To Be Or Not To Be: A Material sees Nigel Luck at the Compagnie Philippe Genty masterclass, and in Ephemeral Animation Tamsin Newlands reports on a workshop led by Nenagh Watson. Both of these were part of the Suspense London Puppetry Festival 2009 – as was Puppetry in the UK, a symposium produced by the Puppet Centre Trust in collaboration with Little Angel Theatre/Suspense Festival.

From the Frontline brings us the story of Scottish walkabout success Big Man Walking, by the show’s co-producer Simon Hart.

The new-style News section is the place to read the latest from puppeteers and puppet-theatre companies, venues and festivals, and also to catch up on training opportunities and events.

Our Reviews section includes a general page and two special festival pages, with a healthy batch of reviews from Suspense London Puppetry Festival 2009 and from the London International Mime Festival 2010.

We are also putting a call out for new reviewers – and kickstarting this with a competition! Have your review published and win £50! See the Editorial for more information.

In the PCT Director’s Letter you can learn about recent Puppet Centre activity and future plans.

Should there be anything you’ve missed in previous editions, please take a look at our Archive, which has a user-friendly Search facility.

As always, your feedback is very welcome. We look forward to hearing your news, views and suggestions for future content.

Please send press releases, news items, and suggestions for editorial content to:

AO30 Summer edition will be posted June 2010. Deadline 1 May.


Image credits, top to bottom:

1 Circolando Quarto Interior, seen at Manipulate 2010. Photo João Vladimiro

2 Nenagh Watson’s Ephemeral Animation. Photography Nenagh Watson. Composition Sarah Ainslie.
See report by Tamsin Newlands

3 Inkfish The Brain, seen at Suspense Festival

4 Big Man Walking 2009, courtesy of Simon Hart / Puppet Animation Scotland and Puppet Lab





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