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Dorothy Max Prior

• PCT Director’s Letter
Linda Lewis


• News Special:
Big Ideas Conference

From the Frontline: Colossal Crumbs
Annie Brooks


. Good Things
Beccy Smith
. Of Kings and Clowns
Max Prior
. From Nothing to Something
Isobel Smith
. Fundraising in the Big Society
Linda Lewis
. A Relation of the Puppet: Mask Penny Francis
. Pekko's Puppeteer
Peter Charlton
. Magic Moments Dorothy Max Prior


. Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2010
. Beverley Puppet Festival 2010


Dorothy Max Prior

John Ellingsworth
News Editor/Subeditor

Editorial group:
Penny Francis
Contributing Editor/ PCT Board Representative
Matthew Isaac Cohen Contributing Editor
Linda Lewis
PCT Director
Emma Leishman
PCT Administrator
Beccy Smith
Darren East

Gabriel Foster Prior

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Welcome to Animations! Animations is a quarterly online magazine run by the Puppet Centre Trust. It is a voice for contemporary puppetry and related arts, offering discussion and debate, reviews, and news from the puppet community and elsewhere – an essential read for anyone interested in puppetry in all its diverse manifestations. Animations Online aims to represent the full spectrum of professional practice, from traditional puppetry to experimental visual theatre using puppetry or animation.


In the Features section of this autumn edition we have a mask double with Of Kings and Clowns, the second part of Dorothy Max Prior's reflection on Balinese performing arts, this time focusing on topeng mask, and A Relation of the Puppet: Mask, further edited extracts from Penny Francis' upcoming book, Puppetry, a reader. Then joining them in the mix, Good Things Come in Small Packages, Beccy Smith's survey of puppetry in children's theatre; From Nothing to Something – Everything, an insider report from Isobel Smith on a workshop with Tbilisi's Fingers Theatre; Stephen Novy – Pekko's Puppeteer, a tribute to Steve Novy from Peter Charlton as he retires his puppets; Magic Moments, an article by Dorothy Max Prior on a workshop with puppeteer and near-physicist Stephen Mottram; and Don't be Depressed: Fundraising in the Big Society, PCT director Linda Lewis' advice for companies seeking funding in these straitened times.

.This edition's From the Frontline is courtesy of PCT Graduate Resident Annie Brooks, an artist making the rocky transition from student to professional and pulling her first piece of work with her.

In our Reviews section we have special reports from the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and Beverley Puppet Festival, plus Reviews of Improbable's Lifegame, Indefinite Articles' Chalk Giants, Boxobits Company's Occasionally Ovid, and many more.

The News section is the place to read the latest from puppeteers and puppet-theatre companies, venues and festivals, and also to catch up on training opportunities and events. This edition includes a special item on PCT's upcoming Big Ideas conference.

In the PCT Director’s Letter you can learn about recent Puppet Centre activity and future plans.

Should there be anything you’ve missed in previous editions, please take a look at our Archive, which has a user-friendly Search facility.

As always, your feedback is very welcome. We look forward to hearing your news, views and suggestions for future content.

Please send press releases, news items, and suggestions for editorial content to:

Deadline for AO32 Winter edition is 1 December 2010.



Main image: PCT Graduate Resident Annie Brooks' Colossal Crumbs.

Centre photo strip, left to right: Balinese mask; Stephen Mottram, The Seed Carriers; Steven Whinnery, Lying with Animals; Fingers Theatre; Treasure Trove, The Story of the Willow Pattern Plate.

Below right: Rabbits, Ladders and Stars in Jars.

Bottom: Objects Dart, Salt.


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