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AO35 Editorial
Welcome to Animations Online autumn edition!

Step inside to find Penny Francis reflecting on a trip to Charleville, in what sounds like a vintage year for the world’s most renowned festival of puppetry.

This issue of our online magazine also brings you reports from two very different Puppet Centre workshops: one a hands-on masterclass with the legendary Handspring, and one a very pragmatic session on the use of social media to promote artistic work.

You’ll also find a special report from Skipton festival and a reviews section that includes Handspring’s remounted show Woyzeck at Barbican BITE and the DNA’s Frog Prince, amongst others.

Animations magazine has undergone many transformations over the years – starting as a print publication in 1977 under the editorship of Penny Francis, sadly folding after almost 30 years of publication in 2000, but then happily relaunching in 2002 as an online publication, posted quarterly. Those very first online editions were created by myself, Penny Francis, and Mark Down (of Blind Summit), and all of us gave our time for free in those early days, in an effort to revive the fortunes of the Puppet Centre, before funding was secured for both the organisation and then later the Animations Online project – at which point Gabriel Foster came on board as designer and web-master.

So it has been almost a decade now! After a period of reflection and discussion, we are planning to redesign and relaunch Animations in a rather different format on 2012, as part of the plans to revitalise the Puppet Centre’s online presence.

The next edition – AO36, Winter 2011 – will be posted in December and will be the last issue in the current format.

We would welcome any comments or suggestions you have for Animations Online, or indeed for Animations in Print, which we’d dearly like to relaunch too – and will try to take on board as many of our reader’s suggestions as is practical.

What works for you? What could be different? What would you like to see that isn’t currently happening?

Do please contact the editorial team at the email address below; we’d love to know what you think!

Dorothy Max Prior

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