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-PCT Update:
News from the Puppet Centre Trust - the latest from director Beccy Smith
-PCT Training and Professional Development:
Vocal Masterclass with Neville Tranter at the Bath International Puppetry festival
-Company Profile:
Garlic Theatre by Penny Francis
Anarchy in the UK scene – home-grown adult puppetry surveyed by Dorothy Max Prior
Creating the Chatterbox – an outsider’s view of working with puppets by 'puppet virgin' Toby Hulse

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Welcome to Animations Online... 

...the bi-monthly online magazine run by the Puppet Centre Trust. PCT is a development agency to advocate, support and advance England's puppetry and related theatre forms. Animations Online is a voice for contemporary puppetry and related theatre forms offering discussion and debate on recent puppet-theatre events, reviews, news from the puppet community and a forum for those interested in puppetry in all its forms to exchange ideas and debate developments. Animations Online aims to represent the full spectrum of professional practice, from traditional puppetry to experimental visual theatre using puppetry or animation, and we look forward to hearing your news, views and suggestions for future content.

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