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Comments, corrections, clarifications

In response to Penny Francis’s feature in our Festivals special focus in the last e-dition of Animations (> Puppets, Puppets, Everywhere > AO15),

Peter Charlton

“I was amused by Penny Francis's discourse on Festivals (no prizes for guessing which ones she attended!). She cites the Skipton Festival as 'the only one with a woman at its head'. The Buxton Puppet Festival, of which I am co-director, has as its 'co-head', Chris Agnew (a woman). Chris lives in Buxton and as any one who has ever run a festival will know, it's the one who lives in the town that does the most work.” On another point in the same feature, he says: “Penny also asserts that despite my 'eclectic' taste, ‘undiluted puppetry’ is to the fore. What does this mean? Peter Wynne Wilson is a story-teller who cleverly converts bits of his scenery, props and costume into the puppets which feature in his tale; Nori Sawa mixes mime, physical theatre and masks with his puppetry. Several of the other companies we featured mix humans and puppets, sometimes in equal proportions. It is true that I don't book companies that either don't include puppets at all or ones that only use them in an incidental fashion - but, after all, this is a puppet festival and I think the audience expect to get a decent smattering of them.”

Clive Chandler of dynamics05 also contacted us to point out that there were a number of factual errors and omissions in this same piece, for which we apologize and offer the following corrections and clarifications:

In the report Clive Chandler provided to Penny Francis he described dynamics 05 as ‘the largest event in England’ not as quoted the ‘largest of the year’s events’, which implies a UK-wide evaluation; that dynamics 05 took place in venues across the West Midlands, not just in Birmingham; that the phrase ‘audiences totalling 15,000 in 100 venues over three weeks’ should have read ‘100 performances’ not ‘100 venues’. He would also like to make clear that dynamics 05 International Puppet Festival was organised by The International Festival Consortium which included mac as the core venue, PuppetLink as the lead organisation for the West Midlands, and PUK as the national networking organisation, and that we had omitted to credit PuppetLink in the feature.

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