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Welcome to Animations Online!

Animations is a quarterly online magazine run by the Puppet Centre Trust. It is a voice for contemporary puppetry and related theatre forms, offering discussion and debate on recent puppet-theatre events, reviews, and news from the puppet community and elsewhere. It's an essential read for anyone interested in puppetry in all its diverse manifestations. Animations Online aims to represent the full spectrum of professional practice, from traditional puppetry to experimental visual theatre using puppetry or animation.

In this e-dition of Animations, we have an interesting and varied selection of features. In Puppets on the Streets Dorothy Max Prior sees The Sultan's Elephant and reflects on the power of large-scale puppetry in public spaces. Linked to this, in our second feature Welfare, Farewell Beccy Smith reports on Welfare State International's last ever gig - Longline The Carnival Opera. In What a Site! Christine Marfleet reflects on the origins of an artistic collaboration that led to the inauguration of a site-specific puppetry in performance strand at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama. Last but not least - A Fabulous Beast in which Penny Francis visits the reborn Unicorn Theatre for Children.

Kazuko Hohki: Objects Of Contemplation is our company profile for this e-dition.

In our reviews section, there's the usual very varied mix of puppetry and visual theatre shows that use puppetry or object animation.

From the Frontline is our new section which brings first-person reports from artists working in puppet theatre or with puppetry in any context. In this section, both established and emerging artists have a voice and a space to write about their work. In this, the second in the series, we hear from Mandy Travis of Lost & Found Theatre. If you would like to contribute to this section, please email

The News and Noticeboard section is the place to read about the current and future plans of puppeteers and puppet-theatre companies, and to catch up on other news and events.

We hope you enjoy this latest e-dition of Animations Online - as always, your feedback is very welcome!

We look forward to hearing your news, views and suggestions for future content.

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The views expressed or opinions stated in Animations Online are those of the writers and not necessarily those of the publisher, Puppet Centre Trust.  Reasonable care has been taken to ensure that information is correct, but no liability will be accepted for any errors which may occur.


Puppets on the Streets by Dorothy Max Prior

Welfare, Farewell by Beccy Smith

What a Site! By Christine Marfleet

A Fabulous Beast by Penny Francis

Company Profile: Kazuko Hohki by Claudia Orenstein

From the Frontline: Mandy Travis of Lost & Found Theatre

Reviews: Velo Theatre, Told by An Idiot, and Show-Ko Sit-Down Comedy from Japan at Brighton Festival, Unpacked and others from CPT Sprint - and many more!

News and Noticeboard:Updates from puppeteers and puppet-theatre companies; news from other arts organisations; training and professional development; publications and media