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: new books on puppetry and related theatre

William West &the Regency Toy Theatre, by David Powel

A beautiful 62 page (quarto) exhibition souvenir book produced by the Sir John Soane Museum, London, to accompany a special exhibition of the best work of William West, the most prolific publisher of Toy Theatre sheets. The 100 colour illustrations clearly show that his work was executed to high standard by accomplished artists. The greater part is devoted to the Juvenile Drama, but there are also a few examples of his theatrical portraits and bawdy songsters.The photographs of the exhibition items are fully annotated with much historical detail. This fine piece of work will become another gem in the Model Theatre enthusiast's library.
Obtainable from Ray DaSilva 14.95 plus 1.50 postage, also from Pollock's Covent Garden.

Storybook Strings: 50 Years of Puppetry at Children's Fairyland's Puppet Theatre by Randal J Metz
This is an illustrated history of the outdoor puppet theatre in Lakeside Park, Oakland, California. It is the longest continuously operating puppet theatre in the US and is well known for first class shows for children and families. So many of the foremost US puppeteers have been involved over the years that it almost reads like a history of American Puppetry.The stage of the theatre is set between the pages of a huge open book standing on its edge and is capable of staging marionettes as well as hand and rod figures. The value of this work to most British readers is probably the fine collection of b/w photos 60 full page and 80 others. In total 144 pages and colour cover.
Price $19.95 from Rappid Rabbit Publishing, 3361 Burdeck Drive,Oakland, CA 94602-2624, USA. or by special order from Ray DaSilva

The above publications can be ordered from Ray Da Silva, 63 Kennedy Road, Bicester, Oxfordshire, OX26 2BE, UK Tel/Fax 01869 245793 or see the new catalogue online at:

Ray Da Silva writes: After a gap of two years I have at last produced another catalogue of new puppet books. Several old friends are still there and most prices have remained unchanged. Those which have disappeared are replaced by new titles. If you would like a free copy contact me at the above.

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